Yeezycat’s Favorites – Glamdring 

Glamdring is a Calico Exotic and self proclaimed Donut Queen and I agree. She’s awesome and I can’t wait for you to get to know her better. Let’s get to the interview. 

Y: Go ahead and introduce yourself. 

G: Hi, my name is Glamdring. Some of my nicknames are Glam, Glammy, Glamzilla, Baby Nut, Krabby Patty, and many more. It’s rare my parents call me just “Glamdring.”

Y: When is your Birthday/Gotcha Day?  

G: Adopted July 11, 2015

Y: How old are you? 

G: About 5, the rescue wasn’t sure so it’s a guess!

Y: Do you have any siblings?

G: Yes. I have a brother named Gobby. He’s a Black Exotic with fabulous fangs. 

Y: Where are you from? 

G: I was adopted in Philadelphia, so I guess I’m from Pennsylvania! 

Y: We want to go to Philadelphia. Pops and Mama have been but not us. 

Y: How did you come into your parent(s) lives? 

G: I was adopted from Persians Plus, a cat rescue in Philadelphia. I was raised as a show cat, but was surrendered to the rescue after the breeder decided to quit showing cats. It was love at first sight when the humans saw me! 

Y: What is your all time favorite food? 

G: Any kind of carbs, mainly donuts. Also cheese and French fries! All of the things I’m not supposed to eat…

Y: What is your favorite toy? 

G: Da Bird! And anything with catnip. 

Y: What is your favorite cartoon cat? 

G: The dreamy Thomas O’Malley the alley cat

Y: Do you have a quote or saying that you love?

G: “If in doubt, always follow your nose.” – Gandalf

Y: Who is your favorite rapper?  

G: Since I’m also from West Philadelphia, born and raised, I’ve been known to listen to the Fresh Prince

Glam, thanks so much for joining me today and I loved getting to know you better! 

You can follow Glamdring and her brother Gobby on Instagram at @glamdring_cat



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