Now this is a story all about how

  My life got twisted turned upside down under a house. I’d like to take minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became the king that I am now.  I was rescued by my Mama and her sister from under the house. My Mama’s sister took care of me and my other two litter mates until we were old enough to be adopted. My Mama and Pops had no intention of adopting me, but one day I climbed into my Pops’ lap and as they say the rest is history.
  My parents love to travel and of course want to take me everywhere with them, so I started leash training at about 4 months old and started riding in a car before then. From what I hear I’m an unusual kitty. I love meeting new people, riding in the car, and even D-O-G-S! I know there are cats out there just like me and I want to meet them all.
​  My dream is to visit all 50 States in the USA and beyond! So far I’ve been to 13! Stop by often to see my favorites and where I’m going next.